No Fridge

Refrigeration in the truck?

Most things I eat, except for meat and fish, can do without cold. Refrigeration takes up space and energy.

I can buy bread, eat it for a week, then make my own flatbread. (Many experiments later I found THE flatbread to make.) Eggs are fine if you turn them over every day … if they are refrigerated when you buy them they only last 10 days. Most veggies are good to go for 10 days. Lettuce is good only 1 or 2 days, but cabbage lasts a week. Etc.

I was nervous at first about living without cooling, but found great sources for living without refrigeration.   Have found great tips on Mother Earth News (“How to Preserve food without Refrigeration”) and Beth Leonard’s “Cool ways to Keep Food without Refrigeration: Fridge-free tips and tricks that work even in the tropics”. Here is her link

There are milks, tofu, and all sorts of goodies shelf life  packaged nowadays, so that enlarges the menus. There are cans of soups, tuna, chicken.

Why do I need refrigeration? Why not a cold Coke on library/laundromat day?


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