Power when the truck is parked

I do not want to use any power from the starting battery to power the computer at night, when I am boondocked in a remote spot. I might be there for 14 days. What to do After all I will be living in the truck, not living in a rv with extra batteries (already wired up with inverters and battery charge controllers). Friend Dave says that the computer will not drain the starting battery enough to worry.

I am worried.

Portable solar cells? With an extra battery? Where to put it? Worth it to rewire the truck? or just have a separate battery/charging station? We are talking about a serious bunch of money, and I have allotted the whole subject to the “Luxury”  list. I figure that once a week I can go to a public library. That would eliminate the need for the Verizon Jetpack. Would save money if I did without private phone and private wifi.

Here is the breakout of the solar/battery luxury list:

Portable solar panels 2 at 60 watts each 240.00
Sunforce 60031 Digital Charge Controller 10 Amp 35.00
Battery monitor Battery Indicator – Solar Panel or Golf Cart 12/24 volt 30.00
Battery Optima 8014-045-FFP YellowTop Group 34/78 Deep Cycle Battery 200.00
Inverter Cobra CPI 880 800 Watt 12 Volt DC to 120 Volt AC Power Inverter with 5 Volt USB output (true sine wave) 48.00
Cables 25.00
total 578.00
installation 500.00
total w/ installation 1,078.00

Lights are no a big problem. There are nice rechargeable led lights that will work fine for 14 days. I can recharge as I drive to the next spot, via a public library to check e-mail. Hmmm. Maybe no need to have a computer/and/or phone. That seems extreme, but what about this plan doesn’t?

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