Water for 14 days

How much water can I carry? How much water do I need on a daily basis? For cooking, washing, drinking? I am extremely fond of the American southwest desert. That ups the need for water. I have been looking for some water carriers that can be positioned in any way. It looks like Scepter 5 gal Water Cans  will do the trick. They cost ~$21 each. I think that 5 will get me through.


Why such a small container? Two reasons. Firstly, I can lift and carry 40 lbs with one hand. (water weighs a tad over 8 lbs/gallon). Secondly, I will be able to stash the small containers in more spaces. Roof rack, also.

So, that is 25 gallons of water.  Then have 15 gallons in one or two gallon containers. Assuming 2.5 gal/ day that means that  I will have enough water, with a bit of safety, for the 14 days. 

I have been looking for some kind of filtration device, but I will be settling for iodine. Used it for years, always hated the taste, it is very cheap. The taste will make sure that I am very conservative with the water without iodine.

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6 Responses to Water for 14 days

  1. Ming says:

    Hi there,
    I use cloth to pre-filter the water, then use Aqua Mira (it’s called that here in Canada) 2 part chlorine dioxide treatment. I use it about 1/2 strength, leave it for twice the length of time recommended. It’s cheap, kills more bugs than iodine, and tastes better. Less maintenance than a filter, which dies if accidentally frozen.


    • Mas Prema says:

      You are a backpacker? I have used a silk bra to filter water, years ago. Gave up on a minimalist approach to water, due to laziness, and carry plastic jerry cans. Seems OK. Does take up room, and weighs lots. So far laziness is winning.


      • Ming says:

        I have backpacked, bike camped, paddle camped, graduated to car camping as I got older. I like to boondock far from people when possible and have purified water on self propelled trips and when I wasn’t sure if what I brought on a car camping trip would be enough.

        Last year, I exchanged the car for a 4×2 Tacoma for better access to camping down logging roads, but am having twinges of regret over not going for 4×4. I live in Vancouver where gas prices are sky high with the carbon tax and was already in shock from the change in gas mileage – Honda Fit, 35mpg -> Tacoma 4×2, 17-22mpg. How often have you used your 4×4 drive?


      • Mas Prema says:

        I am a wimp and hate to get stuck, so I have used the 4wd 2-3 times during the last 6 months. Because of deep mud once, heavy sand once. Once a case of nerves over a rough patch. I like to go way back in the boonies. I love having 4wd, just for peace of mind. Gas is at 19 mpg. A trade off. Grew up driving an old Willy’s Jeep. I am convinced that the 4wd is my good luck charm.


  2. dave says:

    Buy a Sawyer water filtration system. Your grandmother on acid can use it simple, a million gallons of potable water (thought not sterile water, only filters to 100 nanometers) for sixty three dollars. Then any water source, and I do mean ANY water source, becomes How can you not love that?


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