The food and tobacco budget is small, but doable. $120/ month.

I always have had great plans for scrumptious, luxurious meals when camping out, but generally opt for ease rather than haute cuisine. I dream in haute, cook out of boxes and cans.

For breakfast: coffee,  oatmeal with raisins and nuts and powdered milk and maple syrup. I think I will forgo the maple syrup (what a mess if it leaks) and stick with plain old cane sugar. For lunch usually fruit and p-nut butter and Akmak or WASA crackers. Dinner is a can of protein, a can of beans or veggies, and some instant mashed potatoes. Sometimes just the can of protein. In the cold evenings I finish with hot chocolate, decaf tea or a bit of Hungarian Tokaji.
These were the meals with time limits on the camping out. I had to get to the border before they closed, the vacation was up in another week, I had to return home for some reason or another. But now I will be home. There will be no more vacation.
So, I have been practicing stir fry, frybread, oatmeal without maple syrup, powdered hot and sour soup, instant mashed potatoes, dehydrated mushrooms, pita bread in a skillet and ramen noodle variations. Still will pack a bottle of Tokaji.

Camp Chef Ranger II Table Top Stove (34,000 BTU!)

This stove may be overkill. Rather that than pokey. But there is no wind guard that comes with it. Another cute little thing to fabricate.  Found and inexpensive solution,
Norpro 2063 Nonstick Splatter Guard for $7.

windGuardHow to get it to stay upright and in place in a windy situation?
One small flat bottomed wok with lid, 1 cast iron 10″ pan, 2 pots with 1 lid. This situation (living in the back of a truck) screams pressure cooker, but there is no room. I can do canned beans and forgo carnitas. I may eliminate the wok. No/yes/no/yes, etc.

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