Solar Energy


I have been reading   Bob’s Cheap RV Living blog for quite a while. He has a doable solar set up for a reasonable price. All that is needed is an inverter. It would be nice to have a battery meter, also. Can you overload a battery?

Where to store it? Passenger rear seat area? The battery (Optima 8014-045-FFP YellowTop Group 34/78 Deep Cycle Battery) weighs 50 lbs.  (How am I going to lug this to the sun? I need a strap on it with a hefty handle.) So to use the battery and inverter I will have to drag it out every time. Not good.  The back end of the truck is daily cooking/washing, etc.  Where to put it? Front passenger seat floor?

What will I be hooking up?

In my imagination I am sitting at the portable table*. The battery is on the ground at my feet, connected to the inverter on the table, with the computer plugged into the inverter. This being possible because yesterday I charged the battery with the solar panels.

*where to store?

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