I read for entertainment. And hike. And look for gems. The reading is the hard one. Everyone is jumping on the Kindle bandwagon … except for me. I still like the physicality of books. The smell of books. The turning of the pages. How heavy some are. I tried a Kindle once, and just couldn’t get used to it. So on this never ending trip I have to find a way to deal with books.

If you are curious about the books I am in the process of choosing you can click on any picture and it will enlarge.


I have assembled a stack of books, thinking that this pile would be all I really needed. Then I added another book. And another.


So, with a whole year or so to go before I leave, how many more “essential” books will be added to the pile? Where will I put them? Should I take a box of books to trade/or sell? Will I ever switch to Kindle? Every blog about rv living talks about the ease and necessity of a Kindle-like instrument. I just don’t think I can do it.  (Just got one for Christmas. Hmm.)

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