Rain, wind, sun and snow

So. What do I do to protect me, cheaply, from the inhospitable elements? Easy, I think. On the “Essentials” list there is a “Dry Top 312201 12-by-20-Foot Super Heavy-Duty 10-Mil UV Treated Tarp, White” for ~$30. If I loop the 12′ length over the raised topper back door and bungee it down at the rear wheel wells, then stretch the 20′ length over two 7′ poles I will have some kind of shelter.

The white will reflect the sun. The tarp is water proof. It should last several years if I am diligent about not letting it get moldy and torn. I know that I will have to be smart about wind.

I will have to store this with the appropriate lines and pegs and bungees and poles. Oh, no. Another storage problem. Roof rack seems the best option for this stuff.

So far the imaginary roof rack is filling up.

On the “Luxury” list is a propane heater. It is Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater plus hoses $100. The $100 is what got it on the luxury list. That and the fact that if it is too cold I just have to drive souther. This heater gets rave reviews from all of the rv’ers. Shuts off if it tips over. Really puts out a huge amount of heat. It may get bumped up to the “Essentials” list after a year or two.

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