Time for bed

I couldn’t figure out if the construction of the bed and shelf (see this page for a drawing) would work. So I taped off the floor and lay down. Perfect. Now, would I have enough room on the shelf part for some kind of containers for storage? Yes, thanks to a few pieces of 8.5″X11″ paper.

Bed TemplateNext came the decisions about sleeping arrangements. I have 2 sleeping bags. One from 1966. It is a wonderful bag. Goose down filling. Cost an arm and a leg when I bought it. Still going strong. But hotter than hell when the temp is above 30 degrees. So a few years back I bought a cotton filled one that does the job at any temp over 30 degrees. I am going to have to take both of them, I think. I don’t believe that the down bag has ever been cleaned … through South America, on the road for years. That will  be a worthwhile  expense.
So I know that a sleeping bag on top of a sheet of plywood is not going to be comfortable enough. Maybe a stack of carpet scraps? Maybe  an inflatable camp pad? Maybe a bunch of foam? The foam stinks after a short while. The inflatable pad will eventually leak. Carpet is sounding better and better.
Normally, while short term camping, I  use some rolled up clothes for a pillow. Will that do for long term? A pillow is something I can hold off on buying  if the rolled up clothes don’t work.


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