More Entertainment

I will be alone for days. Weeks. No television. No movies. Not much room for books. Possibly no computer or cell phone. What do I do?

In the past I have played cards, cleaned toilets, picked up trash and done much rockhounding. The cleaning of the toilets and picking up trash was the most rewarding. I would go from wayside park to wayside park with a bucket, rubber gloves, a heavy duty brush and a garbage bag. I was the secret cleaning fairy. It was so rewarding because the ‘restrooms’ were so filthy that it was an immediate feedback of a job well done. I will probably continue this strange behavior. I need the tools, anyway. I love leaving a place better that when I arrived.

The playing cards really depended on another live body to provide entertainment. So scratch that.

The rockhounding depends on too many things. Tools, knowledge, space to keep all of those wonderful looking gems that turn into rocks very quickly. So scratch that. Can’t scratch that. Too much fun.

Of course there is Bananagrams.


Very portable. Good for 1 person, great for 2 or more. It could go into a very small space. I don’t even miss Scrabble with Bananagrams.

Music? I do have an ipod nano. Give it away? Another item to charge up.

Decisions, decisions.

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