The big thing on safety, for me, is the health of the truck. I would like it to be very healthy at all times. No flat tires. No forgetting to change the oil every 5,000 miles. The starting battery charged and healthy. The air filter sucking air. The radiator full of water and appropriate stuff. The gas tank full enough to get me to another gas station.

Most people with whom I have talked to about traveling alone (funny aside … when 2 women travel they are considered to be traveling alone) wonder about evil. Personal evil. Like getting beaten up, raped, murdered, truck stolen, robbed. The list seems to be endless as to the misfortunes others expect me to experience. I have never had any problem with anyone. I have experienced only helping hands.

I did carry a pistol on one cross country trip that lasted 2 years. I never used it. Never thought about using it. Loved it. Loved having it. A waste of money and space.

I will be installing a hasp lock so things don’t get stolen out of the back of the truck. I will be hiding important papers (birth certificate, passport, etc.). I will be installing the license plate to the back window of the topper.  I am thinking about a hasp lock on the gas tank. That could be an old fear that I can discard. I will figure out the solar set up so that all batteries stay healthy.

So, this trip. Maybe some pepper spray? No. Nothing. I have the strange feeling that having pepper spray would attract things that need to be sprayed.

I think the only dedicated safety feature will be a  first Alert AF400 Tundra Fire Extinguisher.


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