Wonderful ideas appropriated

I was reading the Wheeling It blog this morning and found some wonderful tips on boondocking (camping without any external power, not in a campground but on public lands). Most of the hints were on one of my endless lists  list or another. Some weren’t.

Karen replied to the blog with some  additions I hadn’t though of and products I wasn’t sure of.

* Thermal Cooker Saratoga Jacks 5.5L Thermal Cooker- provides a low propane usage way to make crock pot type meals. Heat soups or sauce based meals using stove then put into the thermal base. Presto, 6 hours later without further power…. Ring the dinner bell.

Saratoga Jack thermal cooker

Saratoga Jack thermal cooker

Oh, what a good idea. That will be on the “Luxury” list since they are ~$100.

Her first statement made me a believer, re solar.

*By far the most important for me to boondocking is the portable solar panel kit from CEA Solar

I am going to have to move solar up from “Luxury” to “Essentials”. As soon as I  figure out how to massage the budget.

Almost everyone in the rv community talks about the importance of good leveling blocks. I wonder if that is for motorhomes and/or trailers. I have never used them. I guess that is something that can wait, to see if I need them in my older days. I know for a fact that the ground is getting harder, and I have to sleep on a squishy something nowadays. Maybe there is more of a slant to the earth, and I will need leveling blocks.

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