Bed Building Second Thoughts

I wanted to use the top of the wheel well as the bottom of the bed. That won’t work. There would be only 8″ of height under the bed and shelf. A milk crate is 10″. An ammo box is 14.5″ tall. The water containers are 18.5″ tall, 13″ wide and 7.5″ deep. There should be room for fingers and hands.
So it looks like some kind of frame will have to be built (instead of laying a couple of 2″X4″‘s across the holders beside the wheel wells).
And the whole time I have to be thinking about access to beneath the bed and the “shelf” (see picture of original drawing here). Piano hinges?

If you have any drawings or ideas or thoughts please let me know. The bed of the truck has ribs of hard plastic. Some kind of liner. Should I take it out? The interior sides of the bed have the same material. Nice dead air insulation or something that takes up room?

And I still haven’t figured out the “house” battery (Optima 8014-045-FFP YellowTop Group 34/78 Deep Cycle Battery) location (much less how to hook it up). The “house” battery weighs 50 lbs. It is 12.3″X11.5″X 10.7″.  And costs around $200. ( I have been reading lately that these batteries are now made in Mexico and are starting to crack and poop out before 2 years. Not good. More research needed.) How do I hook up the solar panels without dragging the 50 lb battery out of the truck bed each time I have to hook up? I would love the “house” battery to be hooked up to the starter battery so it would get charged as I drive. I would love to be sure that the “house” battery doesn’t suck energy from the starter battery. There is a power outlet in the bed. This must be an inverter. Seems like I could hook up the “house” battery just in front of that outlet. Beyond me at this point.

Where do I store the propane tank propane tank (20 lb propane tank is 12 1/4″ in diameter and 12 1/2″ tall)? Do I need a 20 lb propane tank?  It costs about $40. The 5 lb tank is 8″X8″x12″ and costs about $53 .

Lordy, lordy. So many decisions.

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