Cool Tools for Truck Camping

There are several internet tools that I have discovered that are (or will become) very helpful in living out of the back of the truck.

The first gem is this link. I often wonder what the weather will be like in February in a specific spot. This very cool site gives very accessible historical weather maps. For awhile it was even giving yearly averages for lat and long locations. Now they seem to have just cities. Here is the yearly averages for Moab, Utah:

Weather Spark

Moab, Utah weather averages for the year

Is that not beautiful?

Then there is the question of where to boondock/camp. The best site I found is this one.  In the image below I have chosen Utah. They have up to date information on every state. If you click on a tent shape on the map you will see a description and the lat and long and hints.

Utah free or cheap camping sites

Utah free or cheap camping sites

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