Kitchen in the Truck Camper

Three boxes constitute the major part of the truck camper kitchen. (what kind of boxes? I have been using milk crates and they work.)

One for utensils, cutting board,sponge, Dr Bronners, pots and pans with dish rags . One box for canned food, boxed food, bagged food and spices. One breakfast box. One hanging bag for onions and garlic. One hanging bag for fruits. I think that old onion bags would do the trick. (Where will the Ziplock bags go? Where will the aluminum foil go? Where will paper towels go?)
Of course there is the stove and propane bottle in their own assigned spaces..

The separate breakfast box seems like overkill, but I have found that the breakfast ingredients do not match lunch or dinner.  Coffee, sugar, oatmeal, raisins, nuts coffee filters, coffee mug, and the new divine coffee maker.

Clever Coffee maker

Clever Coffee maker

I also store the morning wash-up items (toothpaste, toothbrush, hair brush, Dr Bronners, towel) in the same box as the breakfast goodies.

Here is an easy, quick dinner that I made the other night. This will be duplicated on the journey. I forgot how much I liked miso.

Miso Soup

Miso Soup

And what a quick meal it is. I made it last night (practicing) with a 1/2 pack of ramen noodles and some fresh mushrooms. Really quick, no muss (I ate it out of the pot I cooked it in) and surprisingly filling. The miso, mushrooms and ramen all cost about $2/meal. Took a very short time to cook. That meal is definitely one to keep for the trip.

Do I bring a corkscrew? I don’t drink wine, so maybe not. But … the wonderful bottle of Hungarian Tokaji that I am saving for the journey has a cork. So, yes.

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