Truck Camper Clothing

Dirty shirts don’t have the same adventurous cachet they used to. I have been spoiled with a live-in, electric, modern clothes washers and dryers for 10 years.

For the last few days I have been experimenting with clothing  …  How long am I comfortable wearing the same clothes?

Not nearly as long as it used to be.
While traveling  Central  and South America , for months/years at a time, the personal rule was 2 shirts. Wear them every other day until washing. Then wash one. Next time wash the other one.  Three shirts was a luxury, but something else had to be given up in the backpack.

Thinking about clothing goes back to storage. How many shirts do I need to start off with? How much room for sweaters? How many pairs of jeans? How much room am I going to have to allot for clothing? Where do I put clothes I wear during the weeks versus clothes for inclement weather versus clothes for extreme weather conditions? Do I really want to be in a place where  “clothes for extreme weather conditions” are necessary?  Will I ever be in a place that requires a thick wool scarf? How to pack the clothes so that they don’t rot, get chewed by mice or get ant infested? Or whom cares? I can thrifty shop at thrift stores with the best.

I got it. This truck camping is just like a big backpack.
You pack once, then repack along the way. And repack. Etc.

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