More Storage Thoughts

The storage questions are endless for a small space  in a multi use container.

  • How often will I use the cook stove?
  • Is there room for a 20 lb propane tank?
  • Where do I store all that water?
  • Where do I store the poop bucket, and how often will I use the poop bucket?
  • What goes in the roof bucket?
  • The cab of the truck contains what?
  • What tools do I need to have handy, and where do I put them?

It is becoming like squirrels running around in my head. The list of questions kept growing. The list of answers kept shrinking. Perhaps a super obsessive spreadsheet?
In my heart I know that things fit where they fit until they don’t. All of the planning  is just fun.  If history is any indication of future behavior  I will discard every iota of planning and let the truck pack itself, then fine tune it on the road. That works with backpacks. (How about “Mochila” as the name for the journey truck?)

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