Kitchen ideas

I like the idea of  rice, quinoa and nice stone ground yellow grits.  Small plastic shoe boxes with ziplocked bags might work .

Beans and rice. Rice and beans. That was my diet through South America.

Dehydrated beans

I was convinced that my health would be better if I ate no meat. I do not have the capacity in the truck to boil beans. So I found these dehydrated beans that get rave reviews:


Ah protein

TVP is a great thing to have with soups, sauces and scrambled eggs. It works great with chili and spaghetti.

Cheese is one of my favorite foods. Aged cheddar, Parmigiano, and/or Gruyère will keep for at least a week unrefrigerated. I don’t think I could use up enough of those cute little waxed cheeses before they went bad. They come in a bag of 20-30.

Coffee. There is no doubt that I will have coffee every morning. Now that I will be living on a fixed budget the organic, locally roasted, whole bean french roast will have to be a fond memory. This month I will be testing out commercial, pre-ground, widely available coffees. I will start out with Folgers.

Soup. I have found that the ramen  with miso or hot and sour soup mix is filling. Add in whatever fresh veggies I have on hand.  Add a bit of TVP and it is a great, quick meal. Quick so that propane isn’t wasted. Not quick because I wont have the time.

All I have is time.

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