Serro Scotty 1966

Scotty Sportsman

Scotty Sportsman

I have been thinking about a trailer, since the storage in the truck with topper is becoming so worrisome. I love the old Scottys. This one is $2,800. ( sold) It has an icebox, no bathroom, no air conditioning, and is light. Perfect for me. There are financial concerns, since all of the expenses of the topper would be included, except for the $200 for the bed construction. And the hassle of navigating with a trailer is always there.

But it is so cute! And only 10′ long. And it has a bed. And it is so cute. And I know I wont buy it. Finances and hassles of navigation. But it is so cute!

Here is a site which has ads for used “vintage” trailers. After 5 years of living  in the truck I still don’t need a trailer. But some wet/cold/windy days I dream.


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