Tiger Adventure Vehicles

Provan Tiger CX

Provan Tiger CX

In my dreams.

This image came from Life with Kurumi. The vehicle is a 4wd yummy live-in arrangement. Check out Provan’s site for their different models. I know that they are way out of my financial range, but so sweet to fantasize.  (The Malayan, which I lust after, starts at $133,000.) They look perfect. Tiger Adventure Vehicles are in Columbia, SC. I expected them to be in Banff or Seattle. I know Columbia.

I think that these vehicles would be too much luxury for this person. Too many fussy things that could go wrong. Too many large expenses (like personal property taxes on something that costs more than my first house). Baling wire will not hold it together, it would need a special frimmer-frammer. (Does anyone really need a microwave or a tv on the road?)

Enough dreaming and lusting. Just give me an old truck and the open road.

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