Kitchen Boxes

This list should last at least a week, before I start adding and subtracting and over analyzing.

Breakfast box

Oatmeal, craisins, sugar, powdered milk, salt, nuts, pre-ground coffee, coffee filters, coffee filter holder,  emergen-C powder, citric acid powder, spoon, bowl, coffee cup,  thermos, washcloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, Dr Bronner’s Eucalyptus soap, deodorant

Food box

AP flour (what about cake flour, masa harina or rice flour? Semolina?), yeast, baking soda, baking powder, rice (how about instant rice? I will have to try this out first. I remember it as gummy.), canned tuna, canned spam, dehydrated beans, dehydrated mashed potatoes, grits, powdered soup mixes, tvp, ramen noodles, cous cous, cookies, dehydrated mushrooms, dehydrated tomatoes, teas, shelf stable almond milk , muesli, Wasa crackers, peanut butter, dried fruits, canned V-8, canned prune juice.

Spice and condiment box

Kosher salt, pepper w/grinder, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, Indian spices, Mexican spices, oil (olive? safflower? peanut? walnut? coconut?), ghee, vinegar (what kind? Rice wine? Balsamic? Apple Cider? ), Texas Pete, mustard, mayo, catsup, Braggs, soy sauce, siracha. (What about cinnamon, powdered ginger?)

Equipment box

2 qt pot with lid (for soups and popcorn and stews and cereals) , a coffee pot ( hot water for coffee, soups, bathing and washing), cast iron fry pan (the precious old Lodge #7), spatula, knives, forks, spoons,  (all utensils wrapped in towel w/ rubber band or in a pencil case), microplane grater, corkscrew (or develop a liking for screw top wines) can opener, cutting board, kitchen towels, knife sharpening equipment, plastic garbage bags, zip lock freezer bags, paper towels, tin foil, plate, plastic bin to wash in, sponge and soap. Steel mixing bowl. Several steel cups. Frisbee  (for salads or extra plate).

Fresh Food Staples

Onions, garlic,  carrots, cabbage, apples, orange or 2, lemon/lime, yogurt (some boaters say that yogurt can be kept without refrigeration for 2-3 weeks), eggs (turn over every day. If refrigerated when bought they will last only 10 days), ginger (keep fresh ginger root at room temperature tightly wrapped in aluminum foil; it will keep for a couple of weeks), tortillas, a banana or two.

Now, where do I put all of this stuff?

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4 Responses to Kitchen Boxes

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  3. Wren says:

    Really interesting blog! I’m following you now & I’m going to show my husband. He has a 1960’s VW bus that he is restoring and we hope to camp in it one day, but it seems like a far away dream for now… maybe this will inspire him :-) PS, love Dr. Bronner’s soap… have you seen the movie about him? Really interesting as well.


    • woodycreature says:

      Haven’t seen the movie, didn’t even know it existed. Thanks for that!
      Glad you are following the blog. Hope this is a spark to the dream.


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