Inclement Weather

Brain, of RV Boondocking, said this on his blog today:

“But after near three days cooped up in less than 300 square feet, it’ll be good to get outside… well… just as soon as the frost goes off the grass ;)”

snow in Colorado

First winter in Colorado

I started thinking about living in the back of the truck in the rain/snow/ sleet/ hail/wind. Weather change can happen suddenly. Overnight. And it could last for days. How comfortable will I be in the bed of a truck? A short bed.
Hmm. This will require thought. The worst would be cold and blowing rain/sleet. For days. I cannot imagine staying inside of the topper all day. I have to make sure there is proper clothing and decent shoes/boots. Warm socks. I have a great rain coat. I have several umbrellas (shade in the summer).  The shoes are what I am looking for. I have sandals and hiking shoes. (Ugh. I just went to find shoes/boots. Too many choices.)

Storage needed for one more thing, rubber boots.

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