First Part of the Journey

I am apparently obsessed with meteorites. I have never found one. But I want to. So the first leg of the journey will be heading to Utah to hunt for star rocks. I investigated how to tell a meteorite from a meteor-wrong. I watched all of Steve and Geoff’s show The Meteorite Men. I searched through hundreds of scientific papers about meteorites found in Utah. I marked a map where meteorites had been discovered in Utah. I planned the first leg of the journey based on the old meteorite finds.

The green tent-like thing is a 14 day camp out. A dollar sign is a Walmart Superstore. The cloud with rain is a shower/laundromat location. The red pins are historical meteorite finds. (Not all of the finds are marked.) To get an explanation of any symbol click first on the request for a larger image. Then click the symbol and you will find the details of the spot.

See. I told you I was obsessing. And, no, I have no idea what to do if I actually find one. Maybe dance in the desert.

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