More Construction Ideas

I keep looking around for more ideas on the construction of the living arrangements in the truck bed. I found the image below here.

truck bed

Interesting solution

Here is what he did:

“Here is the rough sketch that I worked up to build the bed. The top is 3/4 inch plywood, and the framing is 2x3s. There were changes made along the way that are not shown here, most significantly a piece of 1/2 inch plywood on the bottom of the benches, and some simplifications to the framing. “

rough sketch

rough sketch

The sheet of plywood underneath the legs is a twist I hadn’t thought of.  Maybe because of the ribbed floor?  He has two 20.5″ platforms on either side  and an empty 24″ space  to complete the bed.  A single 25″ bed is enough for me , with a 15″ shelf opposite the bed, which will leave 16″ open in the imaginary Toyota Tacoma. His truck bed is lots bigger.

I love his curtains (how does he have them attached?) and the very handsome dog (I think her name is Penny). Would I take a dog on this journey?

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