Travel Habits and Nerves

When I visit  a new country I leave shampoo at home. On purpose. This forces me to go out of where I am staying and look for shampoo in the new city. This is especially daunting  when the language is a total mystery. This travel habit gets me into the rhythm of the city and gets me over the initial nervousness.

The first leg of this journey  will lead to a secret/hidden/discovered camp site that is close (3 hours) to the starting point. This is the shake-down-camp-out spot.  1 hour  before the secret/hidden/discovered site is a Walmart Supercenter. I will stock up.  Then go to the shake-down-camp-out spot where there is no water. There are no toilets. There is no fee. There are no people.  At the end of  2 weeks I will know  what was  forgotten, what there is too much of,  what should have been picked up when there was a chance.

I will pack and repack the truck. Probably three or four times. And make lists.
At  the end of two weeks the initial nervousness will have gone, and the rhythm of living in the truck will sing.


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