Food Finds

I love pasta, but it takes too long to cook.  (7-12 minutes) I could make my own, but that seems excessive in the back of the truck. So I found an old box of no boil lasagna sheets, cracked them into small pieces and used them in a soup. Heavenly.  4 minutes and there was soup with wonderful pasta. I used Barilla. It has nothing in it but eggs and semolina flour and salt. There is enough in the box for 5 or 6 soups. Sweet discovery.

I wish I could say the same about Folgers coffee. I do not think I can use this. It tastes like burnt paper. I will try to last the 3 weeks and maybe by that time I will get use to it. Maybe I will have to splurge on coffee. I do so like good coffee in the morning.

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