Confusion Range

Most people on the road full time have GPS, Google maps and physical maps. I have  many imaginary itineraries in “My Places”, thanks to Google. I figured out a way to get the lat and long of a particular spot on the Earth when I am using Google maps, so many trips are just numbers.

The poles of the earth have wandered. The equator has apparently moved.The continents, perched on their plates, are thought to have been carried so very far and to be going in so many directions that it seems an act of almost pure hubris to assert that some landmark of our world is fixed at 73 degrees 57 minutes and 53 seconds west longitude and 40 degrees 51 minutes and 14 seconds north latitude – a temporary description, at any rate, as if for a boat on the sea. Basin and Range by John McPhee

This is a road map (at 50% opacity)  over the Federal Lands of Utah map. Not a perfect match, but it appears that where I am headed first is mainly Federal Land. I want to hang out around Tule Valley, which is east of Confusion Range and west of the Sevier Desert. I love the idea of being two weeks at the base of Confusion Range.

Truck Camper Hints Utah Federal Land Map

Utah Federal Land Map

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