No Fridge Food Choices

I am still hunting for acceptable food ideas for living in the back of a truck without refrigeration. I keep looking at boat/cruising sites.  These following quotes were on a hunt for “best 1 can meal” and “what food supplies require no refrigeration?”.

          • Cheese can be wrapped in a cloth soaked in vinegar and sealed in a plastic box or zip lock bag. I am going to try this. Found that the plastic has to be opened periodically.
          • A can of Foie Gras De Canard,some chilled Sauternes, and toasted bread. Right.
          • Spray cans of cheese spread do not require refrigeration. I have never tried spray cheese. I am not sure I will. Looks like jars of the same kind of cheese now available. Too big to use in one sitting. Who would eat this, anyway?
          • Potatoes, carrots, onions, and cabbage will keep for a month or more, especially if you wrap them individually in newspaper and put them in a dark, dry place.
      • Dry sausage like pepperoni and salami keep a long time. If you wipe them with a paper towel moistened with oil and vinegar, they keep almost forever.
      • Another fine meal is  boil in a  bag rice. It cooks quickly and the left over hot water is good to wash the dishes on the first wash. Will try boil in bag rice this week. Forget it, not tasty.
      • Pre-cooked canned fava beans, found in middle-eastern stores, are ready to eat; just warm them up, add olive oil, lime juice, and salt to taste; no preservatives. Sounds great. A few cut green onions. A few crackers. Yes. Couldn’t find fava beans. Am trying cannellini instead. The cannellini were great.
      • Cans of refried beans. You can spread them like peanut butter for sandwiches, roll them in tortillas with hot sauce, drop them with other goodies on chips to make nachos, and stir in hot sauce to make a dip. Oh yes. I forgot refried beans. Add a crunchy veg, and it would work for a meal. Can of refried beans was way too big. I am switching to dehydrated.

There must be more ideas out there, and I will keep posting. I will be making some kind of bread on the stove top, growing sprouts and ends of celery and chives. I have recipes for fruit pies on the stove top, mac and cheese. and biscuits.

The ideas for eating in the truck with no refrigeration are endless.

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