Clothes in a Truck Camper

Re: Cleanliness of clothes
This quote came from a fella named Glen on Bob’s website

glenn packer says:

Tip on washing t shirts or other light clothes stained mostly with sweat/light dirt.
Soak in a little water and Ammonia mixed. Agitate a little. Soak a little while more, then hang up. No rinse needed. The ammonia will evaporate quickly.

Does this really work? That would save some serious amounts of water. I will try it out this spring. Right now outside it is -8 degrees.

I am already mentally packing clothes for the journey. There will be two areas of clothing. The every day and the cold weather. The cold weather box needs to be accessible. The every day box needs to be very accessible.

Cold Weather
One hat (Wool, over ears)
One wool sweater
One heavy duty down vest
Two pairs of wool socks
One set of silk long underwear
One scarf
One pair of gloves
Two long sleeve high neck heavy cotton shirts
Gaiters (might help with snakes, also)

Every Day
One hat
Two pairs of jeans
Shorts? I hardly every wear shorts ….
4 short sleeve shirts
2 long sleeve shirts
2 t-shirts
5-6 prs of undies
2 prs of socks
1 medium weight jacket
1 wool sweater
1 light weight down vest
1 rain coat
Scarf, cotton large
Hiking shoes

There is a  difference between the past expeditions and this one. In the past I would be coming home to stored clothing. This time the truck is home.

Where do I store these 2 imaginary containers?

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