Tiny helpings

In the  ‘practice for the journey’ mode  I bought a can of refried beans to eat with tortillas. It the third day, and I still haven’t finished the can. If I did not have a refrigerator at this stage the refried beans would have grown mold.  I really liked the beans and tortilla and cabbage and chipotle powder and lime juice. It was filling, fast and minimal clean up required. I will get dehydrated refried beans from Amazon instead of canned refried beans. (Speaking of Amazon, since I am legally residing in Colorado I cannot make any money from advertising links on blogs. That could be the impetus to move the residence to South Dakota or not even taking the computer and/or telephone.)
I have been looking for a place that sold individualy sized items and came across minimus.bz via  the blog  called  trailcooking. Every individual item that you can think of is on minimus. AND you can buy each item individually. No cases involved.

I flirted with buying some stuff from minimus, but realized I am too far away from leaving to buy anything.

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