Finances, again

I have been thinking about doing away with the cell phone on the journey. I mentioned this to a friend, and she was horrified. “What about an emergency?” she queried.

I had to think for a minute. What did I do for the past 40 years of traveling?  Answer: nothing. Or walked for help. It all got worked out without a phone.
I have been following a long list of blogs about full time rv-ing. One of the major preoccupations on their sites has been cellular service and internet connections.
I could save $720/year without that connectivity. I could use the local libraries every two or three weeks to answer e-mail. Hmm. What about disconnecting the computer? As a resident of CO I am not able to earn money via Amazon with advertising on a blog. It is not worth moving to SD, or is it? To be a current, financially viable blogger I would have to become as preoccupied with connectivity as everyone else.
I think that my mind is made up. To hell with being connected. The $720 saved is more than I would earn from advertising in the first 4-5 years.

Bye bye cell phone. Bye bye constant computer connectivity.

I will become connected to the present.

(To see the finances broken down check out the finances page. I haven’t adjusted  the $720 in unexpected riches yet.)

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