Cute Little Animals

About 1/2 of blogs (full time rv’ers) that I read have animals. Dogs or cats and one cockatoo. I am very tempted. I love dogs. A dog would provide security. A dog would cost money. A dog would keep me warm. A dog would keep me in fleas. A dog would start fights with other dogs. A dog poops, and I would have to clean it up. Vets are expensive. Many places do not allow dogs. Most places want your dog on a leash. A dog would be so happy to see me.

It comes down to expense … and room. There is a tiny finite amount of space I will have. There is a tiny finite amount of money I will have every month ($514).

A cat wouldn’t do. I would spend so much time looking for the hunting cat that I would be a nervous wreck. A leash? No way. Same arguments about money and vet bills space and no extra security.

A fish would slosh around. Fish are not much fun and suck at protection.

So I will go alone. That will be so much easier, not having to look after/ feed someone else.

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