Electronic Juggling

 “Whenever I get into a town where I can access the web, I download the latest podcasts : Wait, Wait; The World Global Hits; From the Top; Car Talk; The Moth; Vinyl Café; DNTO, and occasionally This American Life”

Oh what a great idea. I have been thinking about entertainment, and I love podcasts. I had almost given up on a functioning computer in the truck. Then I read 2 years worth of blogs from Simple Living and simple travel and this hint popped up. Why didn’t I think of downloading podcasts to listen to at a later date? Habit. I automatically download This American Life, then listen to it on my morning walk. I hadn’t thought to download a bunch for later listening. Thank you  Simple Living and simple travel.

He also has an interesting fitness schedule. More intense than anything I want to do, but the germ of the program has me interested. 1 minute of exercise for every year old you are. 66 minutes a day, 1980 minutes a month. OK. I can do that. He takes it to several more levels with sandbags and other tools that I have NO interest in at this point.

Thank you  Simple Living and simple travel.   He is more social than I am, but his hunt for solitude and a perfect place and his hanging out for 3-4 weeks at a time sound like what I am looking for. He also has 2 cats. I will not do that.

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