Gasoline, Propane and Wine Expenses

This past month has been snowy, and I have had to drive in 4wd about a half of the time. I kept careful track of the gasoline and found that using the 4wd about 1/2 of the time resulted in 16.8 miles per gallon.  Hmm. I am guessing  that boondocking I will use 4wd about 1/4 of the time. So lets call it 17.5 mpg and adjust the budget. Darn. I forgot that I have been driving around with the bed empty. Lets just call it 16mpg and hope that is close.

Another adjustment.

I also realized that I would be cooking one pot meals. Why am I planning on buying a two burner stove? I took a look at propane stoves and there aren’t many suitable ones. I finally found this stove, of 15,000 BTU and costing all of $19.95.

Sportsman Series Single Burner Cast Iron Stove

Sportsman Series Single Burner Cast Iron Stove

Ah. Beats the  two burner at $95.00, but that one had 30,00 BTU. I love this little one burner. I think that 15,000 BTU should be enough. And it will store better than the two burner.

I took a look at some of my kitchen utensils and the corkscrew was a big failure. It was a gift. It weighs close to a pound. Not good for a single function item. I found this professional waiter’s corkscrew that would work, light and not expensive. I drink wine so seldomly that even this tiny thing seems too much.

Black Boomerang Corkscrew

Black Boomerang Corkscrew

It will work, or I could wait until I take up wine drinking and buy one at a Walmart. Or take to twist tops.

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