Baja, Mexico

I have started thinking about Mexico. How warm it is. How cheap some things are. How I can speak Spanish. How the fishing in the ocean is free from the shore. How I love Mexican food and literature and comics (Mafalda).

The flip side of this is the expense of the additional insurance. The non access to money. The rumors that there are hordes of rv-ers flocking to the beaches in the winter. (I think that the majority of those folks are on the paved roads and camp in clumps.)

I would love to find a spot to set up camp without seeing another vehicle with US or Canadian license plates. On the beach.

Fishing gear (“The first night we were there we walked out to the beach and threw a fishing line right off the shore. Within minutes we were pulling in more halibut than needed for our dinner. “) and more truck tools. A pair of shorts. A bottle of tequila and some limes. What more could you ask for?

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