Green Onions and Can Openers

Great news to report. The green onions are thriving.

Green Onions

This works.

Just water, a paper towel and a cup with added sunshine and angst. I have many of these steel cups from India. Maybe a board with holes so they won’t fall over? And store this where?
Continuing on the equipping the kitchen I found a weird selection of can openers.

truckcamperhints Opener Extremes

Opener Extremes

One was a piece of swag at the Aspen Food & Wine. The other was in the bottom of the back pack. Neither will do. That little one is OK. I might take it until I can replace it with an in between size from a dollar store. I must confess that the big, Kitchen Aide one is a delight to use.  It does weigh 15 ounces and is quite large. All for one task. Darn. One task items are pretty verboten. Is there a combo can opener/ corkscrew?

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