Occupation of Time … will I …?

So. I am camped in a secret hidden free spot and the first day are filled with interest and excitement. By the 5th or 6th day I am bored. And I have to deal with that. In India I would stop and meditate. In South America I would go to the next bus stop. What will I do on the this leg of the last journey?

Will I stay the full 14 days? Will I hanker for a burger or a beer? Will I hate leaving to go get water and gasoline? Will I cry? Will I laugh? Will I stand out naked behind the truck and shower? Will I eat well, or settle for junk? Will I become afraid of noises at night or celebrate them? Will I write? Will I take photographs? Will I hunt for gems and meteorites?

Who knows? My intention is to be present. And that practice leads onto unexpected paths. Maybe I will take up ballet.

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