Kitchen Utensils and Supplies

Scissors. I use them frequently in the kitchen, from opening boxes to cutting up a chicken. But can’t I substitute the pocket knife? I will try this week to do some  substitution. I won’t be having a chicken in this journey, but there is always road kill.

Many of the blogs I have been reading talk about food storage in square plastic containers. Within these are ZipLock freezer bags that hold the food you have liberated from their industrial packaging. Some people use tic-tac boxes for their spices. I may reduce my canisters down, but tic-tac boxes seem too small. But what will I be cooking? Do I really need to have 8 different Indian spices on this journey? 10 Mexican spices?

Many people living outside make fires. I never seem to. But my camping for the last 7 years has been for 10 days at a time. Will that change with endless time?  I know that there is a dutch oven that I could have, but will I make a fire and will I ever want that much food and will I ever find storage room for a pot that I use only periodically? Pretty sure the answer is no to fires and no to a dutch oven. …But, … baking can be done in a dutch oven on a stove top. Aggh! Decisions.

The problem with trash raises its head every once in awhile.  It is reiterated that de-industrializing your groceries in the grocery store parking lot is essential. Cans  are a pain in the neck. They stay pretty large after eating out the contents. (That could be a job to occupy time, bash down cans with rocks.) Two weeks of trash might be a bunch. And where to store it? Can’t go outdoors (bears and ants and rats). Maybe on the roof (crows?)? Maybe a 5 gallon container … but where to store that? Heavy duty plastic bags would be a better solution.

Salt is something that I use almost every meal. I like Kosher or sea salt.They don’t work well in conventional Tupperware shakers.  What kind of container will hold up to repeated opening and closing?  Also seems like I should have two  layers of essential kitchen stuff like salt. Some kind of packaging that I use every day, another package for reserves (old yogurt canister?). Maybe a whole box just for reserves? I could hide the once a week chocolate bar there, too, packed way in the back where it is hard to get to.

More questions and more thought. I only have a year to figure stuff out. And I know that it will all change when I get on the road.

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1 Response to Kitchen Utensils and Supplies

  1. Sam says:

    One trouble I see with storing trash with food smells on the roof is that animals can still smell it and try to reach it and therefore put claw marks on your truck. Just my thoughts. Nice blog.


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