Reading in the Truck

I am a 40 year bookseller. I am a 60 year voracious reader. I had no interest in those new fangled ebooks and readers. Until I got one for Christmas.

I took her to bed last night. That was going to be the real test. Could this machine really replace a book?

OMG. I stayed up way past my normal bedtime reading. I turned out all of the lights in the room and I could read. I tossed and turned. The electronic book reader kept up. I am astonished at how quickly I caved in and fell in love.

It costs nothing to borrow a book from the library. How much was it going to cost to get books onto the machine? Depends. Even Amazon has free books. There are many places to download free books:

Most of the free books are classics or self published. I am liking poking through the gutenberg site. Found  this downloadable, free “book”:

Steam, Its Generation and Use by Babcock & Wilcox Company

How interesting, right?

What I have found is that the pile of books that I am planning on taking in the truck are not digitally formatted. So I will be taking the kindle AND a double stack of books.

How fast my resistance has crumpled.

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