I am still looking at toppers.

I wanted the Leer 122 because it had the most headroom. Jason at Cracks and Racks says that model is not great for a Thule basket on top. The roof is too narrow and slants. So the decision will be whether I want to sit up in the bed of the truck or carry stuff on top.

Can I live without a rack?

Where to carry the spare gasoline? The shovel? The tarps? The folding table? The folding chairs? How loaded up can I push the back seat area of the truck cab? The rack will  hurt the gas mileage. How will I reach all of that stuff on top … teetering on an up ended 5 gallon plastic bucket?

I would rather have the rack.

Leer has a model 180cc that is reinforced for a rack and is 4″ above cab height.  Do I need to carry a ladder? If I need a place to sit the passenger seat is an acceptable  place. I can set up the computer on the glove compartment door or outside on the table. This is where the computer has to be when we are driving in order to get charged.  I am old, anyway, and shrinking in physical stature. Maybe after a couple of years I will be able to sit up straight inside the 180cc cap.

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