An Ugly Topper Choice

Not only ugly, but a gas sucker, too.

Leer  has a DCC Deluxe Commercial cap. It can go as high as 36″. Hmm.  The skin is .035″ aluminum. It offers an option of an upgrade to 04″. The cap can come in black or white.  (White would be better to reflect heat in the desert, but would look so strange on a black truck. Am I about fashion or comfort?) They offer sliding windows on the front and sides. All kinds of roof rack configurations are available. Mainly to do with ladders.  Regular 1/2 tailgate window/door available. (I like to use the tailgate as a table.)

Ler Commercial Cap

A.R.E. has a commercial cap called the DCU. It has heights of 29″, which is a good-ish height. The also have aluminum caps that can have full side  windows. Looks like a square fishbowl.

Questions to ask the dealer:

      1. Will it fit a taco?
      2. Are there screens on those sliding windows?
      3. What are the differences between .035″ and .04″? Strength? Weight ? Cost?
      4. The sides slant out. Are there rain gutters above the windows for the sliding windows?

I have seen rubbery looking things that are put between the cab roof and the overhang on a slide in. I am guessing this is to decrease wind resistance. Perhaps this could work with a commercial cap. I would have to adjust the mpg, regardless.

It is so ugly. But look at that headroom! Oh so cold in freezing rain. It could be insulated. I have no idea, yet, how much they cost. If they are significantly cheaper than the fiberglass toppers I will let my pocketbook decide.  I haven’t seen any used ones on e-bay or craigslist, yet.

So many decisions.

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