Window Coverings and My Kind of Interior Decorating.

Privacy , Insulation and Windows

I want  the  windows  of the topper to be opaque when I am on the road. At gas stations. In shopping mall parking lots. At trailheads. If I chose to sleep in the Walmart parking lot I would sleep better without the parking lot lights shining onto the bed. If it is 30 degrees outside it would be nice if the single pane windows had some insulation . If it is 110 degrees outside it would be nice to have some shade and  some insulation against the sun. The majority of the time I will not care about window insulation or privacy. But when I want privacy and/or insulation, I REALLY want them.

This hint came from the forum at cheaprvliving.

Also, you can buy felt material by the yard (walmart, or craft store ), fold it over and use it to cover your windows, works amazingly well as insulation and black out material for the windows!

How much nicer that solution is than mine (using naked Reflectix or even covered Reflctix).   And the soft lines of the felt will contrast with the commercial aluminum cap. (Or even look good with fiberglass.) And felt comes in a gazillion colors. And I don’t have to sew anything. Just fold. My kind of interior decorating.

How to store the felt and how to attach it to the window frames?

How about a few Velcro dots at the top of each window? I can staple a Velcro dot onto the felt. And J-B Weld a dot onto the shell. How’s that for a classy decorating trick? Then a  Velcro strap to secure the rolled up felt. The rear hatch door has two small windows. Along each side of the shell  there is a sliding window with a screen. The head of the shell against the cab of the truck, has a sliding window. Thats a lot of Velcro dots.

Another set of questions, to be answered after the purchase of the shell:

How much felt ?
How much velcro?
How does the velcro get attached to aluminum or fiberglass?
Which color? Many colors?

I would also like a screen to hang when the tail gate is down and rear hatch open. Or just the rear hatch open. That might be doable with a pvc pipe to roll up the screen material.

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