Insulation of the Topper

An aluminum topper can get both very cold and very hot. Insulation might be a necessity. At the cheaprvliving forum on insulation I found this interesting tidbit.

  • I use special foam sheets from “EZ-COOL”  it work great!

This “EZ-COOL” sounds almost too good to be true ..

 A 4’x10′ roll weighs less than 2 lbs. It takes about 2 rolls for a regular cab pickup, 3 for sedans, and 4 for most wagons and vans. That means you will add less than 8 lbs when installing it in the largest vehicle.

Q: How thick is this insulation?
A: This insulation is approximately 3/16″ thick.

Q: What is the R Value?
A: Down = 13 Horizontal = 9.6 Up = 8.1 This is better than 2″ of fiberglass insulation.

That seems to be a great insulation for little space. I would like to do the whole interior of the topper. It would be an added cost of $200, not counting freight.  It is on the luxury list for the present. I may not want or need it. The place to obtain this miracle automotive insulation is Harbour Supply ,150 Oak Ct. , Springtown, TX 76082. That could be a great first drive. This product seems to be so much better than Reflectix, and the same amount of labor involved. Is it too good to be true?

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