Cooking Fish

“Bon Appetit” caught my attention
with an article called “Fish Baked in Newspaper

 You probably want about 6 ounces per person of filleted fish, so allow double that for a whole, unfilleted fish. Season each fish liberally with sea salt, including the cavity, and wrap in about 5 sheets of newspaper, wetting each sheet first.

Newspaper cooked fish

Newspaper cooked fish

This provides a more secure packet than if you simply wet a stack of paper. Cook the packets for about 15 minutes on each side on a covered grill–there is not a chance of the paper actually bursting into flames, even though you might think there is, but you may need to splash a bit of water at the packets now and then if the edges of the paper start to smoke. By the end the newspaper will be blackened, but once cut open the skin of the fish should come away with the paper, revealing beautifully cooked milky white flesh.

They have a wonderful sauce recipe for the fish, also.

Without refrigeration I had better catch the fish. And how do you get the NYT boondocking? Dumpster diving may be a future post.

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