Essentials List for Truck Camping

I have two  four lists firming up for the journey, “essentials” ,”luxury”, “extreme luxury” and “real solar”. Here is the tentative “essentials” list. I would appreciate feedback … in case I left something out or really don’t need something.

  1. Topper and the rack on top.  That will cost around $2,700.
  2. Goal Zero Yeti 150 Hand​y Kit, a solar panel/inverter to keep the laptop, Kindle, and iPod nano  up to snuff. It is $500. (This may segue onto the “luxury list.)
  3. Reflectix  Bubble Pack Insulation for privacy over the windows. About $60 for the Reflectix and the velcro to hold it up. Also some felt, about $10’s worth.
  4. A shag runner rug from Lowes, costing around $40, to be the mattress. They are exactly 26″ wide and 74″ long. Perfect.
  5. 5 Scepter 5 gal Water Cans They will cost ~$105 and worth every penny. Add to that another $60 for hoses, shut off valves and a hose bandit.
  6. Camp Chef Mountain Series 2 Burner/High Pressure Stove The double burner, 20,000 BTU, per burner, stove is $100. That plus the 20 lb propane tank (~$30 plus $20 worth of gas) should keep me in hot water for a month or two.
  7. Dry Top 312201 12-by-20-Foot Super Heavy-Duty 10-Mil UV Treated Tarp, White
    Shade is no joke since I will head to the desert. A white tarp, painter extension poles and some paracord should cost around $150. This size should give me some wind protection and privacy.
  8. Safety items are on the essentials list. A fire extinguisher, a Slime  Flat Tire Repair System, a heavy duty 16′ 6 gauge booster cable and a 20′ Ft Heavy Duty 10,000 Lb Tow Strap  and a 900 lumen LED flashlight for protection. All of that should cost around $150.
  9. Construction of bed and shelves should cost around $300 for labor and materials.
  10. I have milk crates, 5 gallon pickle buckets, clothes, books, cooking equipment and a folding table.
  11. I would like a folding chair or two. I would like a pair of rubber boots that you pull over your shoes. But these are luxuries.

The savings for this list is growing. I already have $346 $712.

You ought to see the luxury list. Stay tuned.

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