Why Baking in a Truck with No Oven?

Why this obsession for baking in the back of a truck?

A friend and I took a year off to hike around the coast of South America. When we got to Ushuaia, Chile we decided to trek up to see the moving glacier in Torres del Paine National Park. It was an arduous mini journey over several days. On the way back we were sorely low on food and were existing on wild peas and powdered asparagus soup. We came to a hut where campers could stay. Inside was a woman from Israel, who had done the same hike we had done. She was kneeling by the fire baking pita bread.
And we had powdered asparagus soup to eat again for the sixth night in a row.

I was in awe.

And vowed to be a real camp cook, even in the sparsest of conditions. Now I will get a chance to live up to that resourceful woman’s example. So there will be more baking posts to come. (I just tried pita bread, and I need practice. It didn’t puff up. Some parts were still raw. Did it again.Not great, but it tasted more like bread.)

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