First Choice in Travel Trailers

So the slide in was not an option. How about trailers?

I started looking at tiny trailers.


Vintage Shastas looked the very best. No ac, no
fridge (ice box), oven, no bathroom, permanent sleeping area, and under 13′. The price on a restored one ~$5,000 to $9,000′. The ones which are not restored are $800-$2,000 and loaded with problems that require expertise that I do not posses. I do love the look, and the inside has just what I need, not overloaded with modern stuff. Again, this is a bunch of money and the odds are that there would have to be stuff done, even to the restored ones. And I would need some kind of cover for the truck bed. And lift it up for outback access. And bigger tires. So I started to look at new trailers.

The best new trailer was the Serro Scotty Highlander.


This is the Serro Scotty. It is about $15,000 base, with about $3,000 optional, but with a $2,000 discount if you pick it up at the factory in Pennsylvania. I really like this set up. I like that I can leave it and run around in the truck. But I am not crazy about a trailer. Just another big thing to worry about.

Too much money and too many worries with a trailer. The topper is only $2,000 and change. Aside from that, I love the minimalist topper life.

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