Another Topper Solution

There is a wonderful  group of people on the cheaprvliving forum .  Several people have been helping me find the perfect topper for the journey.

I have been whining about headroom. How tall of a topper do I need in order to be able to sit up inside the topper?  One person suggested not to even think about it,  just use the passenger side of the truck. Several suggested using a van. Some suggested a trailer. And one person directed me to look at Flip Pac.flippak

I do not want to be noticed in a Walmart/truck stop/rest area parking lot.  I would feel really weird and uncomfortable in the Flip Pac. Why? It would attract eyeballs.

Closing my eyes and imagining living in the Flip Pac I had flashes of struggling to unfold the tent part in blowing rain/dust/hail. I had more flashes of struggle trying to close it up in blowing rain/dust/hail. Worried about the wet canvas.  Grew tired of answering questions about the Flip Pac from curious bystanders.

I have sent off for a quote on one of these, since it does solve the problem of head room.

The Flip Pac option  brings  with it  a logistical problem. What happened to the roof rack I was planning on using for gasoline and poles and firewood? Will I have to load and unload those items from the interior? Who wants to carry a spare canister of gas inside of their home? With the firewood?

I do love the room. I do love the aerodynamics when closed. I do love that it has been tested by expeditions to remote places. I do love that it is about $12,000 less than a conventional pop-up.

The price starts at around $5,000. Thats $3,000 more than a brand new fiberglass topper.

Guess which way I will be going.

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