Do Ahead

Admitting that I am obsessive, I planned out the steps involved for the truck camping journey. This also gives me some goals. One of the major decisions has been whether or not to move to South Dakota. It was a close decision. So far the decision is to keep the residence in Colorado.

4 months ahead

Start emptying out

3 months ahead

Buy truck

Get  vehicle insurance

Get UPS mailbox, start changing addresses

Change Driver’s License

Change bank to Wells Fargo (using new address), get debit card and change bill  paying payments to Wells Fargo.

Order topper, and rack

Dry clean sleeping bags

2 months ahead

Install topper

Build truck bed

1 month ahead

Get roof rack installed

Start assembling stuff

Decide about having  or not having phone/internet

Buy 5 rolls of quarters for laundromats and showers

2 weeks ahead

Finish buying essential items

Begin loading up

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