Truck Camper Tips

I wander the internet looking for  truck camper hints. These suggestions are from boondockers-used-sports.

When car (sic) camping, try to stop, before getting to your campsite, and pick up some wood for a campfire. You might have trouble finding some right around the campsite, it gets picked over pretty fast. A roof rack, for car campers, is handy for this. The same holds true for backpackers, your more likely to find wood farther away from the campsite. I’ve been known to strap wood to my pack, if I know I’ll be making camp soon..

Save those plastic clips that are used for bread bags, they make great clothes pins. You can store about 50 in a plastic film canister (35mm size)…

Don’t forget a frisbee … Frisbees aren’t just for throwing around! If properly cleaned, they can be used as plates, cutting boards, bowls (they hold up to 40 ounces), or a mortar/pestle. They can also be used as a rainwater collector, emergency shovel or replacement paddle if you’re kayaking or canoeing and lose an oar. (For years I have used Frisbees while camping for a bunch of things. I can’t believe that I forgot about Frisbees. It has been too long since I have been on the road. Its time.)

Relieve the itching from mosquito bites… with Orajel (the toothache medicine gel). Also good for all bug bites that are hurting, itching.

Tape a lighter to a piece of string, and tie that around the knob on your propane stove.  This hint from high infatuation. Valuable hint. Lighters are small and can disappear so quickly.

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