Washing Clothes

washingBoard2After years of traveling with a back pack, washing clothes is a task I have come to know intimately. No laundromats, spotty water supply and so little room for an iron.
When I traveled in a car or truck I brought along a washing board. What? You don’t know what this is? Check out the image … many people used these. I still think they do a great job. Will I have room for this on the next journey?




Modern plastics have reduced the weight and size. But will I have enough water to wash a pair of jeans? Or a shirt or two? We are blessed in the USA to have laundromats. Will I have the discretionary income to go to a laundromat?

My habit has been to wear dirty clothes in the shower. There is nothing as creepy as standing in a shower fully dressed and feeling everything get wet. I had planned to use a truck stop shower about once a month, so this hint about clothes washing struck home.

Passing on some more tricks to those living this unconventional life style. I figured out if I washed my clothes when i took my showers at the truck stops, I would save the hassle of dirty laundry piling up and the time/expense of the laundromats. I wash the clothes in the waste paper basket, rinse in the shower and hang it up in my truck on clothes lines I installed. I keep it to one change of clothes so it stays manageable. from this forum

I wonder if they will notice the washing board?

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